Procivitas PC-mission

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Procivitas Privata Gymnasium has recently made a commitment to the Star for Life Programme. As result of this decision the school has established a scholarship to be awarded to students with ideas,dreams and ambitions connected to the programme.

This year it is Beatriz Montero and Christoffer Carlsson from Procivitas in Malmö who have received a scholarship for their idea – to donate used Procivitas laptops to a Star for Life school and then go down there, install them and, finally, hold a computer course for staff and students. They have called the project Procivitas PC-mission and are now appealing to companies in the Öresunds Region to donate laptops so that even more young South Africans can learn IT skills.

Is your company updating laptops this autumn? Want to donate your old ones to a good cause?

If so, contact us for more information:

Sven Göran Eriksson is a Star for Life ambassador and gave his support for the project at a meeting in Malmö

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