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>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The past week has seen some extraordinary events taking place throughout Sweden. Star for Life arranged a number of fundraising events with the purpose of supporting Nkosi Mandela in the construction of a high school and medical clinic in Mvezo, South Africa. Through auctions and the successful brick-by-brick concept, Star for Life has managed to raise a total of 2 162 500 SEK for the projects in Mvezo.

On 21 October, Star for Life had the honour of hosting a gala dinner at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, the first event of the week. The evening offered great entertainment from the Star Choir and first-class food and drinks, in addition to interesting speeches and remarks from a number of speakers. The energy and enthusiasm of the Star Choir filled the dinner hall and ensured that no guest left without a part of South Africa in their hearts.

“To be part of taking the first steps in the building of a school in the village of Nelson Mandela, also known as ‘The Great Place’, is as touching as it is inspiring,” said Peter Janzon, Fundraising Manager, Star for Life. A celebrity auction was also held, generating a substantial amount of funds.

Dan Olofsson, Founder of Star for Life, and Nkosi Mandela, Chief of Mvezo, also participated in the European Development Days and met with a number of people, including HRH Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden.

The fundraising week continued with a gala at Konserthuset, Stockholm, on Saturday 24 October. Artists included, among others, Mikael Wiehe, Cyndee Peters, Dogge Doggelito & GLS Fight Life, and Edo Bumba. It was a truly memorable evening where artists and audience came together to create a fantastic atmosphere.

The week concluded with a gala dinner at Glasklart in Malmö, Sweden on Monday 26 October, where it seemed like it would never cease to rain. Before the gala dinner took place at the restaurant of Glasklart, the guests braved the weather and went to visit the exhibition of Nelson Mandela, the grandfather of Nkosi, at Malmö museum.

At Glasklart, Touch of Africa starring Swedish Triple & Touch and South African Star Choir, entertained on the stage while the three hundred guests mingled and chatted at the dinner tables.

All of a sudden the lights went out. For two hours it was almost pitch black in the hall. However, despite the lack of power, the Star choir managed to make a deep impact on the audience. With candle lights in their hands, the lights twinkled like little stars as the choir swayed rhythmically with strong and clear voices. Surely, they left no heart untouched with their music.

The evening ended with a successful auction raising a generous amount of funds for Mvezo. “I looked forward to the dinner in Malmö on 26th October. It is not everyday we can help to build a school in the village of Nelson Mandela,” said Sam Olofsson, Secretary General, Star for Life.

Star for Life would like to thank all of those who participated at these events for your support and generous contributions. A special thanks goes out to the sponsors of the events, and to all the people who have been working tirelessly in their efforts to make this happen. Together, we have initiated the process of uplifting Mvezo and your support is much appreciated.

The sponsors for the event at Sigmahuset where:
Briban Invest AB
Dan Olofsson
E.ON Sverige AB
Kent Widding Persson
Peab AB
Sten K Johnson
Swedbank AB
Sydtotal AB
Victoria Park AB

The sponsors for the event at Grand Hôtel where:
HDR Partners

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Evelina October 28, 2009 at 3:04 PM  

Very inspiring! Well doNE SFL and well done to the organisors. We feel privelidge to be part of such a great programme that makes such enromous and lifelong impact. Mvezo will never be the same again, thanks to people that open their hearts to touch others!

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