A 90-account on the Star for Life paying-in slips makes a difference

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not all organisations that class themselves as “non-profit-organisations” or “charities” live up to the promises they give to donors. Star for Life is however not one of those. That is now demonstrated by the accreditation from the Swedish Foundation for Fundraising Control, SFI. It means that Star for Life is under SFI's supervision and ensures donors that at least 75 % of the money raised goes straight to the ones who need it. (The rest of it goes to administrative duties within the organisation.) You will note the change on the paying-in slips when you donate money to Star for Life: the account number (plusgiro 90 01 61-1) starts with 90. Hence the designation “90-account”.


Star for Life expands to Sri Lanka

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

In times of internal war and ethnic conflicts, Sri Lanka yearns for a future of peace and prosperity. The country’s internal conflicts are root of concern that HIV might increase and develop into an epidemic. Some of the key risks for the spread of HIV are the high mobility for economic survival, low levels of knowledge about HIV, low condom use and prostitution. Although Sri Lanka has a very low HIV prevalence, the presence of important risk factors suggests it may not be maintained if action is not taken.

Therefore, we are delighted that the Star for Life programme will be implemented for the first time in Sri Lanka. The Goonavathana Central School will be a pilot project in which the non-governmental organisation SFCSL (Swedish Friends of the Children in Sri Lanka) with assistance from the partner organisation INDECOS (Institute for Development of Community Strengths) will work with Star for Life.

Goonavathana is a public primary and secondary school with 600 pupils in the ages 13-19 years. The school lies on the southern coast near one of Sri Lanka’s biggest cities, Matara. The Star for Life programme has full support from the school management and will be launched on June 11 2009. The students are very excited about the inauguration which will be a big event. Education directors, provincial directors, the Provincial Secretary, journalists, parents and students are all invited to attend when the inauguration of the Star for Life programme takes place.


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